Allo Allo Helga or in nylon stockings

Allo Allo is a British comedy series which premiered (first episode) took place in 1982.

A total of 85 episodes were filmed about 30 minutes each - is so what to watch.

The series takes place at Café René in the small town Nouvion in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. Café is both a favorite meeting place for Germans stationed in the town and an important point of operating activists of the French Resistance.

This series reminded me because, frequently exhibited qualities of his heroines. Often there were legs and feet Yvette Helgi adorned with beautiful stockings.

Helga (Kim Hartman) w pończochach nylonowych

And this has just Helgi entry concerns that unless presented their charms the most.

Kim Hartman in nylon stockings

The first film in the role of Helga stripteaserki:

Another is Helga in a wedding dress (black :) ):

And the last:

It is impossible not to get the impression that those times were more gracious for nylon stockings. Nylons were natural for women, constituted an inseparable attribute of femininity.

Today is an element of pornography, which brought the image of nylons erotic gadget. Fortunately arrives women for whom stockings nylon are synonymous with class and elegance.

And you, you know Allo Allo series? How do you like Helga in stockings? What do you think about Yvette?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! :-)
    Helga and Yvette ... If they do not this series certainly would not be so well-liked by me. Very cool of him watched and always dreamed to find yourself in the role of Rene or Herr Flick (for obvious reasons). :-)

  2. Serial is currently displayed on any station. Indeed, those were the times (not counting war), the ladies in nylonkch. To now so ...

  3. It was a great series!!!!

  4. I watched this film in its entirety and to this day I have all the episodes on the old VHS, and all the beautiful moments of nylonkami starring collected on DVD. I am a fanatic of underwear from that time and I would give half due to me still life for the withdrawal of the years 1930 to 1965. Last date is not accidental - then became the worst disaster in human history - the invention of tights! The inventor - I know well the story - without a doubt, was a "former man" and a complete ignoramus. Here his time was a series Hallo Hans, supposedly modeled on Allo. But this is a complete misunderstanding, the creators probably completely forgotten when the action is happening, or they were like the inventor. Me I was the director .... And by the way, where to find women like Monica?

  5. I am also a fan of the show, I admit that, mainly because of scenes with Yvette and Helga. Does anyone remember that Michelle also presented a pretty good legs in stockings? Undertaker until he fainted at the sight of :)

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